Flying somewhere and camping, supplies list.please help?


Sunshine asked:

A friend and I are flying to St. Louis from Denver for a 3 day music festival. We were supposed to be camping in a camper with her boyfriend, however he broke up with her. So, we need to camp. What do we need to take and what can we take since we are flying. Like a list of what we need to have broken down into what we have to take on the plane and what we can get once we get there would be AWESOME!! Thank you so much!

We are going to Summercamp, anyone else going?!

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That really sucks about the breakup. With the weight and baggage restrictions on planes now I would first find out the additional cost for all that equipment. A dufflebag would help to pack your sleeping bag and clothes in. You can wear your jacket on board. You’ll need a flashlight minumum, a small cooking stove, and dishes. Sound discouraging yet? Just watch the weight restrictions.
I am afraid to say, You may find it cost prohibitive to take the trip.

Rusty Nail

Skiingte is right. Clothes and a sleeping bag are a must from home. Maybe you can find a rental company in the area to get all of the other stuff you will need. You will need some form of transportation. Try on line to rent a tent, stove, grill, pots,and everything else. Paper plates and plastic silverware will do just fine.

If this works then you need food. I forgot a cooler. Best of luck.

David L

You can NOT fly with any fuel, such as white gas, nor can you fly with a fuel contaminated stove… NADA!
The best thing to do is to ship it ahead (and back), or purchase it there.

Funny thing though, when you ship it by US Mail or UPS, they will fly it !!

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